It was a dark and stormy night. No. really. Fuelled by xmas spirit, Owen and James were discussing global domination. "schgraaschnagrrrthud" said James, waving his arms about violently....."aaahhgh - BigTim - erk, gnash,giggleheave" replied Owen. Several dozen measures later...."mmmm...wasssat? bass monster?" . . . . bring bring - "SnuffyVoodoo?" "Yeash" noise? "mkay"...HUGE NOISE!!! "Gnarghhhheeheeheemuhahahahaaaa...."

That was then. Now, sadly, Drunkenstein are defunct. Their candle burned fiercly but quickly, leaving behind a small selection of tasty prog/rock/goth/horror nuggets which you can download herein.


A Walk in the Woods

  1. A Walk in the Woods (hi-res mp3)

Catalogue number: RGR015

Released: Jan 2011

Recorded and mixed by German Boy

Recorded at Den Studios, Warehouse Studios and at various secret locations at various times throughout 2010

Jamesss - guitars, vocals, tales of unending misery and woe
Planet Jones - guitar torture and provider of meagre sustenance
Snuffy - bass, frivolity and gay abandon. Current owner of the Cunt Hat
Big Tim - drums/percussion, guitars and merciless slavedriver

The Independent Republic of Drunkenstein (1908)

  1. Introduction (hi-res mp3)
  2. Docktorr Black (hi-res mp3)
  3. Red Shift (hi-res mp3)
  4. Kool Aid (hi-res mp3)
  5. Equation (hi-res mp3)

Catalogue number: RGR008

Released: May 2009

Drums and bass recorded by Umair Chaudhrey at Keynote Studios
Guitars, vocals and peripheral insanity recorded by German Boy.

Mixed & Mastered by Tim Lovegrove