In a wave of humourless, testosterone-fuelled punk and metal, Agness Pike blow a huge musical raspberry at the entire scene and simultaneously become one of the best bands in it.


Mimum Vitae

  1. Ruthless (hi-res mp3)
  2. Rubber Love (hi-res mp3)
  3. Taking Control (hi-res mp3)
  4. Spellbound (hi-res mp3)
  5. Disco (hi-res mp3)
  6. Now is the Time (hi-res mp3)

Catalogue number: RGR018

Released: May 2011

Recorded, Mixed & indeed Mastered by Jimmy Evil at Room 101

All songs written by © Agness Pike 2011, published by Rivet Gun Records

Chris Brown - guitar, Mike Brown - drums, Pete Marler - bass, Martin Spear - vocals