Now sadly defunct, 13gauge spent several years scaring old people and small children alike, whilst being hailed as one of the best grindcore bands in town.

"Fatally Punched In The Face", their only recording, stands as a testament to their brutality and marked them out amongst their peers.


Fatally Punched in the Face

  1. Fatally Punched in the Face
  2. The Grey Stars
  3. The Worm Unwinds
  4. Insomnia

Catalogue number: RGR013

Released: May 2011

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Tim Lovegrove at Warehouse Studios, Soundworks & Den Studios for Left Ear Sound, Mastered by Mark D'Vaz

All songs written by © 13Gauge 2011, published by Rivet Gun Records

Joe - vocals, Rich - bass, Isaac - guitars, Jim - drums

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